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Pernand and its walks

It is not just the inhabitants of Pernand who enjoy the calmness, the views and the magnificent walks to be had around the village. These include the Promenade des Cabottes, on the hillside between Pernand and Savigny, with great walks around and through the Bois de Noel towards the Ferme de Chenôve on the plateau beyond.

There is also a famous walk around the Bois de Corton. This wood is privately owned, so we may not enjoy walking through it. It has however recently been protected for posterity against development, thanks to pressure within Burgundy and from further afield, and after admirable actions by our own Municipal Council, for which we congratulate, and thank them, sincerely ! The Bois de Corton is essential to the health of the Grand Crus vineyards on three sides of it, in the communes of Ladoix, Aloxe, and Pernand.

In addition, there are two little valleys opening up behind Pernand, one leading to Echevronne, the other to Magny-lès-Villers. These valleys lead to many walks in the Hautes Côtes, behind the village of Pernand. The landscape and plateau of Pernand Sur Forêts lie exactly between these two little valleys, and form part of a natural detour, when walking between the Bois de Noël and the Bois de Corton.