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The wider context

The Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits were classified by UNESCO as world heritage sites in 2015. Building on this fact the famous wine-making villages are taking part in preservation efforts concerning walls and stone buildings (cabottes) to preserve the traditional nature of the countryside. Regional organisations such as the DREAL are implicated in these activities. Certain landscapes must be specially protected from change of use, with many occupations relating to the soil being frozen.

Who would benefit from the land’s development ? Not the young growers of Pernand – they have not applied. And not most of the established Domaines either, it would seem. Only one Pernand Domaine has shown interest and applied to join the group of those developing the site. All the other applicants come from Ladoix, Savigny or Beaune, we understand.

So the Municipal Council is sacrificing our patrimony – in pursuit of euros, which they say will help keep local taxes down – to benefit mainly people from outside our commune. It doesn’t make sense.

Can we be sure that, in 6, 8 or 10 years time, the rent from Pernand En Forets will actually be used to minimise our local taxes ? There is no guarantee of that – and of course, we may have a completely new team of Munipal Councillors by then. It is certain they won’t be able to undo any environmental destruction carried out by their predecessors !